Some other viewpoint — The study found, regardless of ideology, daters want a partner that shares their characteristics. Liberals and conservative dating choices gravitate to people preferring to date others who are like themselves. Older, white, and more wealthy daters are more open to dating individuals with a different relationship status than their own. Those who have never been married are more likely to want to date someone else who has also never been married. Women and more well-educated daters tend to want a partner who shares their tobacco usage. Daters with larger incomes are more open to dating outside of their race.

Dancing with Democrats: is Donald Trump ditching the Republican Party?

Democrats’ ‘two-year-old temper tantrum’ Democrats’ ‘two-year-old temper tantrum’ Republicans and Democrats showed no signs of ending their standoff as Americans awoke to the first day of a federal government shutdown. More videos Donald Trump’s dreamer deal with the Democrats The US President has struck a deal with the Democrats to roll back his crackdown on migrants who were brought to the US illegally as children.

In return, the Democrats agreed to a border security deal that does not include Trump’s much-vaunted wall. AP By contrast, a statement released by the White House merely listed the fate of the dreamers as one of several issues that were discussed. Advertisement As unpredictable as Donald Trump is, these meetings are in keeping with an emerging alignment in his conduct.

Also in alignment is a raft of new polling data that, perhaps prematurely, are seen as raising questions about the longevity of the Republican Party itself.

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Pin It ORLANDO — In their first joint appearance of the campaign, the two leading Republican candidates for governor Saturday night outlined a series of conservative stances on abortion, gun rights and education. Ron DeSantis, who each took questions in separate half-hour sessions before the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative advocacy group that opposes abortion and gay marriage. It should be protected. It should be defended. How do you have no accountability and expect to get good results?

Rick Scott approved, includes increasing the minimum age for buying rifles and other long guns to The National Rifle Association has filed a federal lawsuit challenging that restriction. Both candidates were asked by Frank Luntz, a Fox News analyst who moderated the event, about legislative battles over the public bathrooms that can be used by transgender people.

The Democrats Are Doomed, or How A ‘Big Tent’ Can Be Too Big

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I mean, what are the odds that someone who backs a president with The Trump Dating site is here to help. C4GC pioneered at a local level in Guilford County the kind of divisive intraparty bloodletting in that Trump took national with his hostile takeover of the GOP in Like the president they love, the Riddlebergers never let personal embarrassments dampen the righteous tenor of their politics. Likewise, the Riddlebergers provided a textbook example of how political ambitions and paranoia can result in self-inflicted wounds that Trump would probably appreciate.

Most journalists would have hesitated to break the story considering that Barrett Riddleberger was a private citizen and not running for office himself. The unfounded and disputed allegation against Vaughan forced the episode into the public. Barrett Riddleberger declined to comment for this story. Hyde, for his part, dealt with the fallout by casting aspersions against imagined persecutors, writing: Non-Christians do not seem to understand this power. Newsweek has identified the second photo as portraying Gen.

That must be lonely.

Top Republican senator says his party is in ‘denial’ about Trump

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that in a few months, you’ll be overwhelmed by news stories with headlines like these: How can we live without advice columns calming the turgid panic surrounding the American political mating rituals? They’re all about hand-wringing over dangerous liaisons between men and women who find themselves ideologically opposed.

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Continue reading the main story Battles over what to put in science and history books have taken place for years in the 20 states where state boards must adopt textbooks, most notably in California and Texas. But rarely in recent history has a group of conservative board members left such a mark on a social studies curriculum. A final vote will be taken in May, but given the Republican dominance of the board, it is unlikely that many changes will be made.

The standards, reviewed every decade, serve as a template for textbook publishers, who must come before the board next year with drafts of their books. McLeroy lost in a primary this month to a more moderate Republican, and two others — one Democrat and one conservative Republican — announced they were not seeking re-election. There are seven members of the conservative bloc on the board, but they are often joined by one of the other three Republicans on crucial votes.

There were no historians, sociologists or economists consulted at the meetings, though some members of the conservative bloc held themselves out as experts on certain topics. The conservative members maintain that they are trying to correct what they see as a liberal bias among the teachers who proposed the curriculum.

Tea Party movement

Jessica Bennett has an exclusive look at what 6, singles can teach us about sex. Women like to talk about their feelings. Women want to marry , men want to screw around. And the older you get, the more desperate you become. But if you believe the results of a new Match. Men, it seems, are the ones who want to settle down.

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So it turns out that my Jdate profile is a bust because I’m a conservative. You read that correctly. All these months of wondering WTF about why I’m getting pretty much nil responses to my profile and getting help on writing and rewriting my intial “bio” and it all boils down to the fact that I list myself as right leaning politically. So you see, and as I’ve always maintained, Liberals aren’t liberal. Conservatives are the liberals.

I patiently logged on to Jdate, and sat there waiting for some guys to IM me. He wasn’t very compelling. He didn’t seem to know how to get the conversation going. But hey, I’m getting such little response right? So I hang in there. He learns about what I do, and I learn what he does and he exchanges some boring information about hanging out at his family pool.

And I mention doing it another time if he’s willing to come to my area.


Similar religious beliefs often lead to differing interpretations of the appropriate foreign policy role the U. Additionally, widely discrepant views among Republicans regarding economic imperatives have produced significant differences in how global intervention and action is viewed. Republican views on foreign policy are significantly informed by core Republican principles regarding limited government, tax cuts, and the promotion of American interests, which has traditionally resulted in an emphasis on decreased intervention abroad.

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Because sometimes when you reach across the aisle, you touch something warm and squishy. Long Story Short Dating app Clover conducted a study to get the skinny on the hobbies and activities that best define Republicans and Democrats this election year. Some are obvious spoiler: Long Story Ah, election season — a time of peace and feelings of unity among the American voting public. While politics is largely a taboo first date conversation topic, you could hardly blame someone for broaching the subject in such a politically charged atmosphere.

Dating someone with strong political leanings can be tricky, though, whether they’re just further from the center than you or completely across the aisle. To that end, a newer dating app called Clover analyzed data from over , users to put together a handy infographic to give you an idea of what makes both donkeys and elephants tick. Clover To be fair, this would appear to bear out a lot of stereotypes for both parties.

But it’s not all God, guns and glory — GOP may as well stand for “Great Outdoor Pipe-laying” for as much as they like boning al fresco. I don’t know if it’s because rural voters with ample access to private outdoor spaces are more likely to be Republicans, or if having sex outside is just another expression of American freedom. The Repubs may love their steel guitar, but they apparently aren’t totally opposed to s and drum machines, either. Dating someone with a completely different political worldview is always tough, and may be impossible if the divide is wide enough.

Conservative Quotes

Flake, who is up for reelection in and is one of the more vulnerable GOP senators in the coming election, held little back in the Politico op-ed article, which was excerpted from a book of his, ” Conscience of a Conservative. But we conservatives mocked Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on his pledge to change the tone in Washington even as we worked to assist with that failure.

It was we conservatives who, upon Obama’s election, stated that our number-one priority was not advancing a conservative policy agenda but making Obama a one-term president — the corollary to this binary thinking being that his failure would be our success and the fortunes of the citizenry would presumably be sorted out in the meantime.

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By The Associated Press His party suddenly and bitingly divided, Alabama Republican Roy Moore emphatically rejected increasing pressure to abandon his Senate bid on Friday as fears grew among GOP leaders that a once-safe Senate seat was in jeopardy just a month before a special election. Moore, an outspoken Christian conservative and former state Supreme Court judge, attacked a Washington Post report that he had sexual contact with a year-old girl and pursued three other teenagers decades earlier as “completely false and misleading.

Asked if that would have been usual for him, Moore said, “Not generally, no. I love him and his family, and they are all good people. I think it’s sinister. They fear the controversy could exacerbate the party’s broader Trump-era challenge in appealing to college-educated suburban voters — the same group that fueled a big Democratic victory in the Virginia governor’s race this week. Those familiar with recent polling of the Alabama race suggest it was always going to be close despite the state’s strong Republican leanings — largely because of Moore’s controversial past.

In the immediate aftermath of the Post report Thursday, a wave of national Republican leaders called for Moore to drop out of the race if the allegations are true. It got worse Friday. The GOP’s presidential nominee Mitt Romney condemned his colleagues’ caveat — only if the allegations are true. I believe Leigh Corfman,” he said of the Alabama woman who said Moore molested her when she was Moore is unfit for office and should step aside. Yet there is no sign Moore is going away quietly.

How much do conservatives dislike Trump? We put them to the test.