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I would like to thank Adam for asking me to write this article for Direct Snap. Adam asked me to write about the switch to 8-man football and our 8-man single wing offense. We run the spin series almost entirely with some direct snap and buck lateral series as well. My first exposure to the single wing offense was during a football theory class at the University of Northern Iowa. Shortly after graduating from college I accepted a coaching and teaching job in Sigourney, Iowa where I spent 4 years as an assistant with Bob Howard at Sigourney-Keota, Iowa. After 4 years I moved to northern Iowa and accepted my first football head coaching job. I was taking over a program that had not won a game in 3 years during my 4 years at Sigourney-Keota coach Howard had led the Savage Cobras to a record and 1 state championship with a group of seniors that had NEVER won a football game at any level of organized football dating back to 7th grade. That first season we ended up with a record on the year; finishing the season with 2 wins in a row and playing our best football.

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Bruins had a pretty good season. They went and scored points. How did Markham do it…with an offense he devised that was a modern version of the Double Wing. Second, rather than spreading the field, it tightens it. The linemen play toe-to-toe with no splits and the wingbacks are right off the tight end. But most important, the Double Wing attacks defenses in a unique way.

One of the most heavily used offenses in youth football, the Wing T is a multiple formation, four-back running attack that depends heavily on play-action passing and misdirection.

Yearbooks Playbook Links The main site gets a ton of search hits for unbalanced line football plays, and defenses against an unbalanced offensive line, and I aim to please all of my readers, so while I am by no means a football X’s and O’s guru, I believe I can put together a collection of playbooks for public consumption. I’ve aggregated what I have so far from a number of very well run and informative websites, and as of this writing I haven’t even scratched the surface of the wealth of playbooks that are offered online in various formats.

I don’t intend to to republish every single playbook I come across, but I will post some notable, popular, or requested playbooks, and in producing a limited selection of football playbooks, I think it will encourage readers to visit the original sites where I found these playbooks. I don’t know how many of these playbooks I will post, but i hope to post updates pretty frequently. Here is a list of sites that helped me build this collection. If you like the playbooks I have posted check those sites out for much, much more.

I can always be reached by e-mail at unbalancedlineblog at gmail.

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Common Passing Routes Angle Halfbacks and fullbacks run this route of the backfield. The back starts off by going towards the outside, and then angles back towards the middle of the field. It also works against zone coverage by having another receiver run a route over the top such as slant or in route. Bubble The receiver takes one step back and then runs Horizontally with his eyes on the QB waiting for the throw, he then catches it and runs up field.

Effective route Vs the blitz and soft zone coverage.

Russ Steinbrock is one of many coaches to carry on the Single Wing tradition in 8-Man football. This school has been running the offense in 8-Man football for a LONG time. His email address is [email protected] from what I could find.

Sparano has died at the age of The Vikings say he died early Sunday, July 22, but did not give a cause of death. He had been the Vikings’ offensive line coach since Sparano was only 56 when he died unexpectedly Sunday. The Minnesota Vikings announced his death in a statement that did not provide a cause. In Week 3 he surprised Belichick with a single wing-style formation that the Dolphins called the wildcat, and they won at New England He was popular with his players, but a dismal home record, declining attendance and a falling-out with general manager Jeff Ireland accelerated his firing by owner Stephen Ross.

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Single set back Typical singleback formation Also known as the “ace” or “singleback” formation, the single set back formation consists of one running back lined up about five yards behind the quarterback. The basic singleback set does not employ a fullback. The other players that are not on the line of scrimmage can either act as tight ends or wide receivers.

We are a freshman football team who opens the season against a double tight double wing team. They run the power/ pitch, fullback trap and a qb run. Our base is a /

One formation, two offenses. Retrieved Nov 24 from https: Innovation can create problems. In my most recent offensive planning, I was looking for something new and exciting, yet old and different. So different that our opponents would see it just once a year — when they played us. Having always been fascinated by the single wing, I decided to coordinate it with my established shotgun package. I was sure the mixture would have great scoring potential, but since each offense had a significantly different formation that limited what you could do from it.

I had to figure out an alignment that would enable us to run either package with maximum power without tipping our hand to the defense. By moving the “Z” receiver to a slot position two yards outside the tackle and one yard deep in the backfield, and moving the “Y” receiver 17 yards out from the ball, we were able to make our shotgun formation look very much like a single wing, except for the unbalanced line.


And even if you did attend one, every clinic differs slightly – and besides, you couldn’t possibly have written down everything! And, just in case – there’s a bonus card with no defense on it at all! You’ll find a million uses for them! No need to draw up the same defense, over and over!

VEER CONCEPTS PLAYBOOK In the six years of running the A11 Offense, new football strategy that will help move the game into the future. reverse pivot read first man on or outside the wing 2: Soft pocket run at outside leg of U, read the action key .

This happened even though Warner admitted that he had never handled a real football. During one of his first practices at Cornell he badly injured his shoulder and never played serious baseball again. Even though he graduated in the spring of , he returned as a post-graduate and was named captain of the team , which had a 6—4—1 record. Three backs who normally protected the rusher would fake a run to one side, while the quarterback kept the ball and would hand it to the runner, who now had an open field to run through on the other side.

However, as Warner was a guard and not a runner, he was incorrectly holding the ball, and fumbled upon being tackled. Warner decided to enter the game, filling in at the guard position. Though this had a positive impact, it was not sufficient as his team still lost 10—

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Offense[ edit ] At the highest level of play in the NFL and NCAA , the one constant in all formations is the offensive line , consisting of the left and right tackle , left and right guard , and a center. These five positions are often referred to collectively as the “line”, and have the primary role of blocking. By rule there must be two additional players on the line of scrimmage called ends. These players are eligible receivers and may play near the linemen tight ends or farther away split end or wide receiver.

Most teams play additional players near but still off the line of scrimmage to act as extra pass receivers.

HILLSVILLE, Va. — Dominic Collini ran for yards and a touchdown and Logan Greenway added 97 yards and another score, leading Giles to a Three Rivers District win over Carroll County on.

With the development of the athletic QB that is a viable option in the run game, the Diamond Formation now gives the Offensive Coordinator 4 potential ball carriers. This set gives you the ability to run downhill, attack the perimeter, stretch the field with play action, and make the defense accountable with option principles. This formation is symmetrical which gives you the ability to run concepts to either side with no motions, shifts, or trades.

In the above diagram the 49ers are running the bluff version of the veer, which is a traditional veer concept with backs becoming lead blockers on the perimeter if the QB pulls the ball. This is a double option theory. In the above diagram I have our Inverted Veer play with rules against a standard 8 man front. The scheme is the same as our base veer play which we run from the Pistol set as well.

One of the keys to adding things into your offense is the ability to keep things simple for your offensive line. I also like to keep things relatively simple for my QB so all my option reads are front side C Gap defender. I think it is very important to have plays that protect your plays. This version of our play action is an attempt to attack Quarters or Robber teams with very active safeties and get our RB matched up with an OLB on the wheel route.

Even if you see a 1 high structure you should still get a favorable match up with the wheel route.

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College Football The Making of a Modern-Day Guru How Gus Malzahn went from high school defensive coordinator to college offensive mastermind, and took Auburn to the brink of championship glory in the process by Chris B. Shiloh quickly fell behind , then , but rallied to win on a touchdown in the final two minutes. Junction City was only giving up four points per game and we were only giving up When better to test that belief than in a game that looked hopeless?

Shiloh narrowed the gap to at halftime, and though his team still trailed by a considerable margin, Malzahn knew the tide had turned. Just one year removed from a dismal record, including an conference mark, the Tigers are

The best free Flag Football Plays and Playbooks for 4 on 4, 5 on 5, 7 on 7, 8 on 8, and youth flag football teams. Offensive, defensive strategy.

Ten high impact and successful plays. An animation of each play to see it in action. Variations on some plays, to provide different scenarios. You must be running on Windows or greater platform. Must be able to download or receive e-mail files 2. The Powerpoint Show file is Laminated Playsheets. If you need this file mailed to you, we can burn it to a CD and mail.

Looking for plays with detailed instructions? Each play sheet has 10 Plays of the Montra 8I Offense. The first sheet has 5 plays on the front and 5 on the back. The plays are illustrated in easy to read format. This sheet is ready to take directly onto the field during game time. The second sheet has each play illustrated but we include very detailed instructions on the responsibility of each player.

This sheet is designed to use during practice, but you can also use it during a game.

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Yard lines shown are 5 yards apart. Basic Passing Routes – These are your basic passing routes for receivers. To keep things simple, we even use the route numbers as audibles. Combo Routes – We use this basic formation 2 WR’s on one side alot and run combo routes patterns that complement each other. The combo routes are simply combinations of the basic routes shown above.

It embodies the game of football. To me it also embraces the position of quarterback. That is a picture of a leader by example. The offense combines the shotgun and single back offenses into a hybrid system. SEE FILES. The Wing-T Offense has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond, and is a popular.

Yes, We were very small, like Piranha! My coaching philosophy begins with a football truth, which is: For instance the opponent having several 4. All the heart and desire in the world can only make up for just so much! You will always be more exposed on defense than on offense. Therefore, controlling most of the game on offense is your only chance to compete with said deficits. Well the best way to control the game is to keep the ball.

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Very little information on the original Yale formation and how it was used is available online. Based on the number of backs in the backfield, it may have been developed around the time the rule requiring at least seven linemen was phased in between and , as a way of recapturing some of the brute force the offense lost when the flying wedge was outlawed in By the time the forward pass started gaining popularity after , the formation’s lack of split receivers may have started its decline.

Klynt Weber: Fundamentals of the Single Wing. by Nate Albaugh | Feb 27, | Offense, Online Clinic, power, Single Wing. To view this video you need an All-Access Pass, or an Iowa City Clinic Pass. It’s Worth It. Register here.

These different lineups are called formations. Each formation must conform to the rules for example 7 players must be on the line of scrimmage. Different types of plays are run out different formations. We’ll give some examples of formations below. Single Back In the single back formation, also called the ace formation, there is one running back in the backfield and the quarterback lines up under center.

This allows for four wide receivers or three wide receivers plus a tight end. Teams can pass or run equally well from this formation. Pro Set In the pro set there are two running backs, a tailback and a fullback. They are split, each behind and on a different side of the quarterback.

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