How to hook up an antique rotary dial phone?

Coincidently, all the parts to complete the phone showed up the day after I finished this article. You might have noticed that there are a few changes that were made to the article about modifying the plastic Cam of the coin relay. Since these changes had to be made anyway, I decided to add this phone as an example of another way of building the controller into a Western Electric 3 slot. The picture below is a controller pc board with the parts mounted at a right angle instead of standing up. This greatly reduces the height of the board. The lead lengths of the 2 and 3 wires with the spade lugs have been increased to 15 inches. The lengths of the Y and SL leads are 7 inches. The board is double- face taped in back of the terminal board from a Western G.

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August 11, Sometimes it is not how good but how bad your equipment reproduces sound. Make a statement — adapt and use vintage electronics. An old Bing Crosby tune sounds like he is broadcasting directly into your living room with a booming AM voice.

Sep 02,  · Further emulating the old cordless landlines, this Bluetooth-integrated device features two handsets so you can set up your main phone somewhere and have a separate dock on you in whatever room.

For general information on the Western Electric phones that were in use in the ‘s and early ‘s, please click HERE or on the image above for scans of Western Electric sales literature of various models. Does your Western Electric telephone not ring but you can still dial a call and both sides of a conversation are audible?

Then try moving the ringer’s black wire to the network terminal marked “L1”. See schematic and photo for more info. Does your Princess B phone not ring? Does it have a 5-conductor line cord yellow, black, white, red and green wires? Try placing a jumper wire from terminal “L1” to terminal “G” on the network box inside as shown in this modified Bell System drawing.

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So the phone company provided an external ringer that was mounted to the wall near where the phone cord mounted to the wall. When the phone rang in another portion of the home it could be answered, normally in the bedroom. There is a weight inside the B that is supposed to give some weight to the smaller set.

The Western Electric model telephone series was the standard domestic desk telephone set issued by the Bell System in North America from through the Bell System divestiture. Millions of model series phones were produced and were present in most homes in North America.

The automatic systems relied upon signals from the telephones to mechanically make the switch linking one telephone to another. Among the first telephones to employ the automatic system were the rotary dial telephones. The dial on these phones contained a number of finger holes, each hole marked with a digit. The digit corresponded to the number of times the circuit would be broken as the dial returned to its resting position after being dialed. For example, if one dialed 4, the circuit would be broken 4 times.

The signal pattern of making and breaking the circuit when dialing a particular telephone number would make the switch. No operator was needed for such a system. The next few images show some of the vintage rotary dial telephones currently at home in the Telephone Historical Centre. The candlestick telephone was an upright desk phone that was in use during the days of manual switching.

Later models, like the one pictured here, were adapted for automatic switching, and had a dial set on the base. The early rotary dials had eleven digits, with one digit set aside for dialing long distance.

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Model 50AL Candlestick This desk set was the first free-standing dial telephone and was introduced in It began an era of rotary dial telephone sets which would span the rest of the 20th century. Model A1 In , Western Electric produced its first model to use a handset, making it easy for the subscriber to use the telephone while keeping a hand free for taking notes or performing other tasks.

The A1 was built upon the base of the 51AL candlestick. The post was shortened and a cradle with modified switch hook was added. Model This round-base phone was introduced later in and was the first model designed specifically to use a handset.

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Instead of hanging up an old rotary phone for good when you get a digital line, connect that phone to a digital line phone service or voice over IP connection with the help of a small and easy-to-use accessory. If your converter does not have an attached section of phone cord, connect one end of phone cord to the rotary phone and the other end to the converter. For example, some units require a charging period when first connected before conversion can occur, and some require a powerful connection such as a whole-house VoIP unit to power the rotary phone properly.

Wait until a tone is heard through the handset before dialing the next digit, and continue with this slight pause for every digit. Tips Follow instructions provided with your specific unit for information on how to dial characters such as star and pound. It is recommended that you keep your device on a flat and level surface to reduce strain on the cables. If this is not possible, ensure that there is enough slack or affix the cables to the surface near the device to reduce strain and maintain a good connection.

Warning Because some units require more power than others, certain VoIP services may not power the device properly. If your VoIP service uses USB power only and it is designed to power just one phone, it may not function properly with the rotary converter.

Simple Intercom From a Pair of Old Corded Phones

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Available with or without dial. Designed to be used with an external subscriber set not included – phone set up for display. Originally introduced with a metal base and the new “F1” handset, World War II forced a switch to thermoplastic bases in Works great on modern phone lines. Occasionally available in ivory thermoplastic with clear fingerwheel.

For more info on the WE series, click here. The “handset mounting” top photo only contains a hookswitch and connection terminals. The components in the top photo are great for display, but are not a complete telephone. To work, an external subscriber set must be added, which contains coils, capacitors and the ringer. The subset was mounted away from the phone, on a wall or under a desk or counter, saving space on the desk.

Dial set with G handset.

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Early telephone systems were merely local party-line type operations, connected by a local operator who usually performed the service from a switchboard located in the operator’s home. Early phones required local battery power since there were no “central office” facilities to provide either line or ringing voltages to the field. A call was instituted by cranking a magneto in or near to the local phone. The operator would then respond and connect the call to the call recipient’s phone.

Most phone wiring was based on existing telegraph technology.

I have the opportunity to pick up an antique wall phone–the type with the oak housing and brass bells and the hand crank–at a pretty low price.

Save Dear Ma Bell, We’ve been together for a long time, but we think it’s time for us to take a break up. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a call sometime next year when we’re looking for faster internet. In today’s How-To, we’re taking the diagonal cutters to the Ma Bell umbilical cord and hooking up our voice over IP adapter so we can use our old phone jacks. No soldering irons or caustic acid required.

For today’s How-To, you’ll probably need: We’ll visit the ugly box that Ma Bell graciously left on the side of every single building, ever. Inside it, we’ll cut the leash and take control. Back inside, we’ll hook up our handy VoIP adapter so we can use the existing phone jacks that run all over the house. Most phones get power from the phone line, so there is a limit to the number of phones you can connect to a VoIP adapter.

Your mileage will vary, but you’ll probably be able to use three phones with the average adapter. If you’ve got lots of voltage sucking phones, then you might want to pick up a ring booster. We’ll be semi-violating this warning label.

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