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We had absolutely no clue where to turn. But parents are just starting the process. Even so, until six months ago, there was still no communitywide organization in Baltimore for Jewish LGBT individuals, their families and friends. That void is now being filled by JQ Baltimore, a new group dedicated to making the Jewish community more welcoming and inclusive. Chase Hiller, 22, Jewish and gay and a member of JQ Baltimore, rec-ently moved back to the area after completing college at Brandeis University.

Jews represent a group of people rather than a distinct race or ethnicity. Although Jews originally came from the Middle East, many races and peoples have mixed together in Jewish communities over the centuries, especially after the Jews were forced out of Palestine in the second century C.E. What binds the group together is a common Jewish heritage as passed down from generation to generation.

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Societal changes and concerns about a loss of Jewish identity prompt a service that caters to non-Orthodox members. July 17, By John Rivera John Rivera,SUN STAFF For centuries, Jewish families seeking suitable mates for their daughters and sons have employed the services of a matchmaker, an honored figure in the community who acts as a counselor, a diplomat and a reliable source of neighborhood news. Nancy Granat, a former corporate manager with a degree in counseling, is a matchmaker for the new millennium.

You have financial consultants,” said Granat, 59, a grandmother whose tools are a computer database and her intuition. The catalyst for starting Jewish Personal Connections was the pervasive concern that intermarriage rates exceeding 50 percent threaten the future of the American Jewish community. Herman of Har Sinai Congregation, a Reform synagogue, said he supports such creative efforts to strengthen Jewish identity.

Jewish studies (or Judaic studies) is an academic discipline centered on the study of Jews and studies is interdisciplinary and combines aspects of history (especially Jewish history), Middle Eastern studies, Asian studies, Oriental studies, religious studies, archeology, sociology, languages (Jewish languages), political science, area studies, women’s studies, and ethnic studies.

Not to denigrate the very real anxiety of these young ladies and their parents but at 22 a person has no end of personal possibilities and opportunities. At 42 or 50, not so much. While some may bemoan that every single young man and woman in their early 20s is not married by their 21st birthday, nevertheless there are no end of weddings filling up the calendar on any given Thursday or Sunday night and on many other afternoons and evenings as well.

In shul, a barrage of aufrufs hog the bima and bring elaborate hot kiddushim to the masses. Fifty year-old grandmothers are quite ubiquitous in most Orthodox neighborhoods. Contrasting the blizzard of twenty-something weddings is the near total dearth of nuptials for anyone Orthodox who is over When was the last time you were at a wedding of some forty-somethings? Combine this with the relatively recent divorce boom in the Modern and centrist Orthodox communities and you have the makings of a midlife shiddach crisis.

The over frum single population is not nearly as homogeneous as those in their early 20s. There are two main subgroups, the first being the never-marrieds and the second being the divorced. The never-marrieds comprise several subdivisions of their own. There are also some never-marrieds who are confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes who actually revel in the superficially fun lifestyle of dating someone new all the time. Lastly, some never-marrieds are just a little bit odd or off — a condition that is often exacerbated over many years residing in microscopic Manhattan studio apartments talking to the walls and their cats.

Many have resigned themselves to their lifestyle and created communities of likeminded Orthodox singles particularly on the Upper West Side to share shabbatot and yom tovim together where there is zero often parental pressure to get married.

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1. OVERVIEW. The worldwide Jewish population is million Jews. Jewish population growth worldwide is close to zero percent.

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Introduction to Israel’s Separate Beaches In the Untied States, we go to the beach before Memorial Day, after Labor Day, on a weekday morning, or a weekday evening and .

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Attitudes[ edit ] A definite and conclusive credo was never formulated in Judaism; the very question whether it contains any equivalent of dogma is a matter of intense scholarly controversy. Some researchers attempted to argue that the importance of daily practice and punctilious adherence to Jewish Law Halakha relegated theoretical issues to an ancillary status.

Others dismissed this view entirely, citing the many debates in ancient rabbinic sources which castigated various heresies without any reference to observance. However, while lacking a uniform doctrine, Orthodox Judaism is basically united in affirming several core beliefs, disavowal of which is considered major blasphemy.

Jewish Political Studies Review (Spring ) The Deep Roots of Anti-Semitism in European Society* 1 Manfred Gerstenfeld The resurgence of European anti-Semitism after the Holocaust suggests that it has deep roots in society.

It was that religion which had prompted the exiles to return to the land promised by Yahweh to their ancestors, and they were now determined to maintain it in its purity. From the Captivity they had learned that in His justice, God had punished their sins by delivering them into the power of pagan nations, as the Prophets of old had repeatedly announced; and that in His love for the people of His choice, the same God had brought them back, as Isaias had particularly foretold.

Thence they naturally drew the conclusion that, cost what it may, they must prove faithful to Yahweh, so as to avert a like punishment in the future. The same conclusion was also brought home to them, when some time after the completion of the Temple, Esdras solemnly read the Law in their hearing. This reading placed distinctly before their minds the unique position of their race among the nations of the world.

The Creator of heaven and earth, in His mercy towards fallen man Genesis , had made a covenant with their father Abraham, in virtue of which his seed, and in his seed all the peoples of the earth, should be blessed Genesis 12, 18; II Esdras 9. From that time forth, He had watched over them with jealous care. The other nations, once fallen into idolatry, He had allowed to grovel amid their impure rites ; but He had dealt differently with the Israelites whom he wished to be unto Him “a priestly kingdom and a holy nation” Exodus

The New Shiddach Crisis: Over-40 Orthodox Singles

Understand[ edit ] Lady Maryland docking Founded in and incorporated into the city in , Fells Point is comfortably Baltimore’s most charming historic district—indeed, it was Maryland ‘s first designated historic district. The harbor rose to prominence in the early nineteenth century as both a principal destination for immigrants arriving from Europe and for the U.

Fells Point was the birthplace of the first frigate of the Continental Navy, the Virginia, as well as the famed Baltimore Clipper: The wild success of the ships were in no small part responsible for the Battle of Baltimore—the British Navy targeted Baltimore in order to halt the production of these ships, responsible for so much damage to the Royal Treasury! Fells Point was largely spared the decline faced by the rest of the city in the second half of the twentieth century, owing to the fact that it is simply beautiful.

Preservationists kept a close watch on the condition of local historic buildings, and had financial muscle to back them up from wealthy locals who stayed here for the beautiful historic streets, and from businesses, many of which are built on the important tourist sector.

Baltimore (/ ˈ b ɔː l t ɪ m ɔːr /) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Maryland, and the 30th-most populous city in the United States.. Baltimore was established by the Constitution of Maryland and is an independent city that is not part of any county. With a population of , in , Baltimore is the largest independent city in the United States.

Rabbi Rice, the first ordained Rabbi to serve in a rabbinical position in the U. This shul was renamed Baltimore Hebrew Congregation when it moved to Lloyd Street this building is a now a museum , and the congregation later moved to a building in Park Heights. Kosher supermarkets Seven Mile Market and the newly-opened Seasons are thriving, while kosher restaurants are plentiful and serve the community well.

Charitable institutions, like the Ahavas Yisroel Charity Fund, support the needy of the frum community. Neighborhoods surrounding Rogers Avenue and Park Heights Avenue had numerous synagogues and a mikvah. Minyanim prayer services in homes were common, and Jews learned Talmud after Shacharit morning services or in between Mincha and Maariv afternoon and evening services.

Interestingly, no mention of Orthodox Sephardic synagogues appear in the book except for a reference to Iranian shuls. One can say that the Baltimore shtetl was not as frum 50 years ago as it is today, and the standards for certain religious laws are far more stringent today than before. An infusion of yeshiva students helps make Baltimore a flourishing Jewish city.

Eli Schlossberg comes from an observant Jewish family of German Jewish background and was actively involved in running the family gourmet grocery business. His wife, Ronni, and their sons and daughters are all residents of Baltimore. He is a frequent commenter to Arab News, a daily online newspaper out of Saudi Arabia.

A History of Orthodox Baltimore

Note that the single best comprehensive view of newspapers published in Baltimore City is the Guide to Newspapers at the Maryland State Archives. Based in Baltimore with a regional edition in Washington, D. For the period from its founding to , use the access provided by the Pratt Library to historical newspapers:

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Feather bedding was one thing; patchwork quilts quite another. This is true in my personal experience too. My Jewish grandmother’s house and my Irish-Catholic grandmother’s house both in New York City were entirely quilt-free. My Jewish grandmother loved handwork, knitting full outfits skirt, cardigan and shell and crocheting doilies similar to this by the dozens. It’s a question I have considered for awhile. To discuss it we first need to divide the quilts and quilters into two categories.

Contemporary quilters working after Two: Historical quilts made before Then we have to define “quilt. Quilts of Joy and Remembrance. Linda can represent the thousands of Jewish quiltmakers working after during the current revival of interest in the form. There is no lack of contemporary Jewish quilt artists making bed coverings and art quilts, so we shall move on to the second category.

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